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Patient Information


During your appointment Dr Panchal will take a detailed history and perform a clinical examination and if necessary make recommendations for any further investigations or treatment. These may include breathing tests such as spirometry/pulmonary function tests to measure your lung function, but also chest x-rays, CT scans or bronchoscopy (a camera examination of the lungs). 

It would be very helpful if you could provide as much previous information as possible on your medical history at your initial consultation including blood results, x-rays, CT scans (or the reports) and a list of your medicines including inhalers. 

Dr Panchal will provide you with a working diagnosis and personal management plan. He will take time to listen to your concerns and explain any unusual terms or the basis for any further tests and what these entail and if necessary arrange a further follow-up appointment. Dr Panchal will provide both you and your GP with detailed correspondence of your consultation.

An initial private appointment with Dr Panchal will most likely come through a referral from your GP. However, this is not essential and Dr Panchal is happy to accept requests for direct appointments. 

If you have UK medical insurance, you may wish to contact your insurance company to ensure they will cover you for your respiratory consultation and any further tests or treatment.

Health Insurance Companies


Dr Panchal is a registered Consultant provider for all major health insurance companies, including;

  • Allianz

  • Aviva - 600100506

  • AXA - RP02970

  • Bupa - 06075477

  • Cigna - 206388

  • Exeter - 14241205

  • General & Medical - 6075477

  • Healix - RESPANC000

  • Simply Health - Registered provider 

  • Vitality Health - 6075477

  • WPA - 920715502

  • Plus many other providers 

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